Monday, January 11, 2010

Do You Take Old Insoles Out Of Shoe When Putting In Gel Insoles How Do I Insert Shoe Insoles?

How do I insert shoe insoles? - do you take old insoles out of shoe when putting in gel insoles

OK, this may seem like a very stupid question, but I am confused myself about step 1. I bought the Dr. Scholl inserts for comfort (with clear massage gel) and said: "Clean the inside of the shoe. Template place in the shoe", etc.

My question is: What should I do, remove the shoe before you add them in the way? It seems that your model came with shit, and I had the shoes for a moment, then it is used anyway. I want it back on it, or remove the old ones?

Thank you!


DOT said...

They are made to go on work already undertaken in the shoes.

gillianp... said...

It is often put directly on the sole of the shoe.
However, be warned, and it depends on the breadth and depth of the shoe. The shoes are holding up to his feet, so that when you add a template that could end the foot rubbing against the inside of the shoe and blisters. So check first if your space for the model and the gel matrix. If you remove the room does not, then the sole of the shoe, and you must add a model to achieve, nothing ensures that the bottom of the gel shoe puncture model.

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