Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Dog Cyst My Dog Has A Lump, How Much $ To Remove It?

My dog has a lump, how much $ to remove it? - how much does it cost to remove a dog cyst

(I know it sounds terrible, I move that only her) about the country I do almost everything, even if I want just to prepare myself, I realized that about 2 weeks, not all worried, says, exploding this morning (Yes, I think it's a cyst) What is the cost to remove it? (have a different size of a pea) on his elbow, I have an appointment and seems upset when he hit. Size is significantly reduced in this way, the nature of healing?



To remove a lump in my sisters dashund cost $ 359 ..

Tammy said...

I have a small dog who is 8 years. In 2007, I had a small cyst removed from his knee. It proved to be a mass of tumor cells. The vet had to remove three centimeters around the tumor to ensure you have all types of cancer. That surgery was very painful to my little girl. It cost me about $ 900 for the surgery. Last Friday, another mass-cell tumor was removed from the breast and lasted about a penny around a small amount of skin around the tumor. That surgery cost me $ 400. I hope that your dog has only fluid-filled cysts. Best of luck.

Mrs. Melis said...

Hello, my dog had a cyst and it cost me about $ 250, to remove it. This includes the calving and everything. The cyst turned out to be nothing.

I am sure you have quite a mess on our hands now. You may need to take it soon and give the appearance as the others. Good luck!

Rainbow Child said...

My dog was a piece that broke off .. turned out to be cancer.
It cost me about $ 500 for the surgery.
Come on, you still see a figure that is broadcast is not the remedy.
Get a biopsy, taking the dog to the vet.

Natalie said...

Well, there is no answer to this question you should your dog to the vet for an examination by a veterinarian will take the prize, I hope your dog is better and could help some of you to.

earth child said...

about 2 or 300 of the LRU

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